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Counseling Services

Introduction to Students

We see students with a wide range of problems from stress, homesickness, career decision-making and relationship problems, to more serious concerns such as eating disorders, trauma, or depression and anxiety disorders. We have found that most students can be helped in 1-8 sessions. When students' needs are beyond the scope of our services, we will help with referral options.

Whether you are new to K-State or have been a student for a long time, you likely deal daily with multiple stressors; these things can feel overwhelming at times and they may interfere with your path to success.

Counseling Services is here to help you clarify problems, identify resources, and expand your options.  We provide confidential, short-term, focused counseling to currently enrolled K-State students. Students who are not currently enrolled or have not paid the student privilege fee are not considered eligible for therapy services but still may be seen for a consultation in order to obtain recommendations about resources. All students, regardless of enrollment status, are able to access our online programming. For more information or questions about our services use the links on the left of this page or contact our office.  Click here to make an appointment.

Online ProgramsThe staff at Counseling Services recognizes that students have many demands placed upon them. We offer a variety of online programs and resources in order to provide services that fit into your schedule.

Safezone Logo

Counseling Services provides services in an atmosphere welcoming diversity in culture, in sexual orientation, religion, and other factors of difference.  We are a proud to be part of the SafeZone program on campus.
ULifeline LogoWe have partnered with ULifeline, a national website, where you can access helpful information on a variety of topics pertinent to your college experience including suicide prevention information.
 At-Risk InformationWe encourage all students to participate in At-Risk Training on how/when to approach students of concern. The training takes about 45 minutes to complete and provides you the opportunity to work with an avatar to work on the skills interactively
one stop student guideThe One Stop Shop for Student Success is the place for students to access important programs and services for their success at K-State in one convenient location. Featuring information about some of the most popular aspects of the student experience, this site connects students to resources related to their academic, personal, and professional goals.