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Counseling Services

Online Programs

We understand students are busy and have many time demands; therefore. we offer a variety of online programs to provide services that fit into your schedule. All of our programs are available to faculty and staff as well. Our online offerings include:

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We encourage all students to participate in At-Risk Training on how/when to approach students of concern. The training takes about 45 minutes to complete and provides you the opportunity to work with an avatar to work on the skills interactively.

 online workshops

Online Workshops – We offer skill-building workshops on specific topics available to K-State students through Canvas. These workshops are free of charge. Click on the links below for more information about our current programs:


College Learning Effectiveness Inventory (CLEI)  --An inventory designed to measure individual attitudes, behaviors, and dispositions related academic activity and success.


Informational, inspiring podcasts providing student with education about a variety of mental health topics, as well as life skills to help them navigate through college and achieve academic, personal, and social success.

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You can view our Kat Chats online as they are happening through Zoom or view our previously recorded Kat Chats.

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This website is K-State’s online, interactive community that also contains lots of information to help students be personally and academically successful.