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Counseling Services

A Note from Counseling Services Staff

In response to recent local and national events, Counseling Services would like to reiterate our commitment to mutual respect and inclusivity, as well as our support for those affected by these actions.

Counseling Services values the diversity of our campus community and recognizes inherent differences in our worldviews.  We believe the AUCCCO put it best by stating:

As professionals, we seek to continue our social justice work, to illuminate the traumatic effect of oppression, including racial-based trauma, to work to eliminate systems of oppression, and to provide support and care to those impacted….We are reminded of the crucial role that Counseling Centers can play in reaching out to marginalized populations on campus and in our communities, as we strive for peace and respect for human differences.

We welcome healthy conversations to discuss these differences in order for us all to develop a greater understanding of one another’s experience.

The expression of beliefs in a violent, hateful, or hurtful manner is not in line with our values nor K-State’s Principles of Community.  Respectful, non-violent communication is at the heart of who we are as an agency.

If you or a group of people you’re a part of are interested in debriefing with Counseling Services' staff, we invite you to contact us at counsel@ksu.edu or 785-532-6927.  We’ll do our best to help organize and meet your needs.