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Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute

Kansas State University
Wildcat Landing, Suite 205
1800 Claflin Rd
Manhattan KS, 66502

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Board Members

The Kansas State University Confucius Institute is an independent academic unit under the direct supervision of the Kansas State University provost and senior vice president. While the daily operation of the institute will be managed by a leadership team, the board of directors establishes and reviews the missions, objectives and financial security of the institute.

The board of directors includes the following members:

April Mason, Board Chair, K-State Provost and Senior Vice President

Marcelo Sabates, K-State Associate Provost for International Programs

Peter Dorhout, Interim vice president for research, Dean of the K-State College of Arts & Sciences

Jishu Shi, Special Assistant to the K-State Provost, China Affairs

Derek Hillard, Head of the K-State Department of Modern Languages

Gang Chen, JLU Vice President

Debin Liu, Dean of the JLU College of International Studies

Zhengkao Xu, Dean of the JLU College of Liberal Arts

Weishun Lei, Dean of the JLU Art College