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K-State Confucius Institute Kite-Flying Cultural Event

On Thursday April 20th, the K-State Confucius Institute invited the community members to fly kites together at City Park in order to increase understanding of the Chinese kite culture.

The Confucius Institute teachers and volunteers arrived on site early to set up for the  event and reserve the lawn. The Confucius Institute teachers provided 20 kites that were made in Chinese Styles and printed with goldfish, swallows, butterflies, peacocks, dragons and other patterns, shapes and patterns. It was a sunny afternoon and the breeze was perfect for getting the kites into the air. Before long the lawn was filled with families and children picking up their kites and running through the lawn.

Eventually everyone was able to get their kite off of the ground, though sometimes a little help was needed from friends or the staff at the Confucius Institute. Everyone was excited to watch the kite climb higher into the sky and many onlookers stopped by to look at the beautiful display.