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Chinese Class Ending Semester Party

K-State Confucius Institute 2017 Sunday Chinese class ending semester party

On April 23 in Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center 2002,The K-State Confucius Institute hosted an ending semester party for the students enrolled in the Institute’s Chinese classes. Twelve students from 3 different classes and over 20 parents and teachers were able to participate.

The students had been meeting since January first and after three months completed their course objectives. This was a source of praise from parents and created a sense of accomplishment in the students themselves. The purpose of the party was to showcase the students' progress in Chinese, as well as foster parent teacher interaction and promote the program.

The event began with the Confucius Institute’s director Max Lu speaking on the goal of the Chinese classes, the teaching methods, and then briefly explaining that the students’ learning goals could not have been met without the participation from the students and parents and the hard work of the teachers involved.

The event, emceed by two students from the high and intermediate level classes, featured language performances and talent shows. The beginning and intermediate classes performed a poetry recitation, ancient poetry word games, and songs as well. The highest-level students told a story in Chinese. The teachers gave feedback on the children’s performances and presented each with a gift.