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Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition 2018

Chinese calligraphy and painting has had a long history and a profound significance upon Chinese culture. To highlight Chinese painting and calligraphy, promote the cultural exchange between China and the United States, better promote the beauty of Chinese calligraphy and painting artworks in the United States, and display the Chinese painting and calligraphy style to American and Chinese people, K-State will hold a Chinese calligraphy and art exhibition from June to July, 2018. The Confucius Institute is calling for calligraphers, painters and artists from all walks of life to submit their excellent works of Chinese calligraphy and painting. In addition to the K-State Confucius Institute in Manhattan, organizers will contact the neighboring Confucius Institutes in other American cities to participate in the exhibition.

The Confucius Institute is asking for original artwork submissions of Chinese paintings and calligraphy to be featured in the summer of 2018 from June to July at the K-State William T. Kemper Foundation Art Gallery. Anyone is welcome to participate and can submit up to four original art pieces. Submissions should be innovative while still embodying the style of traditional Chinese art. 

Below is an outline of the submission and approval process: 

  1. Participants are to submit electronic version of their artwork and personal bio by March 31, 2018, indicating the size and relevant information of the art piece. Including frames, each painting must be at least 80 x 40 cm (31.5 x 16 in)  and each calligraphy piece must be 60 x 50 cm (24 x 20 in). 
  2. The Confucius Institute will create a panel to select outstanding works, publicize the works approved by the selection in the official Wechat, and contact the author of the art piece.
  3. If the authors of the selected artworks wish to donate their work to the Confucius Institute, the author will be issued a Certificate of Collection from our office. After the exhibition, our institute will return the works not donated to their respective authors. 
  4. The artwork will be on display at K-State's William T. Kemper Foundation Art Gallery from June to July, 2018. 
  5. To submit your artwork or contact the Confucius Institute about participating in the art exhibition, please contact Man Ma at manma@ksu.edu. For WeChat users, please contact maiyatang4239.