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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

IACUC Updates

February 24, 2020
  • The IACUC application form has been updated, the most current version is 02/24/2020. Updates include:
    • The instruction page indicates checking the web page for any new or updated information.
    • Hyperlinks have been updated throughout.
    • Section V.B. is a new section in regards to photos, videos and/or audio recordings.
    • Section VII. The wording has been updated to accurately reflect that the training and experience with the species and procedures listed in the protocol should be listed.
    • Section XI. Kris Richardson is the new Clinical Trials Coordinator, thus her information has replaced Misty Bear’s.
February 12, 2020
  • The IACUC has been reviewing, and updating if necessary, the guidelines. One new guideline has been added, guideline #6 “Photos and Videos in Research Environments.” Please take time to review the new guideline, and any of the others that specifically apply to your research.
  • The IACUC has established a new policy for new protocol submissions. Once a PI has been sent their “modifications needed to secure approval” email they will have 90 days to address the stipulations and return a revised form. If the PI does not return a revised form within 90 days of the day the email was sent then the protocol will be cancelled/voided and the PI would be required to update the protocol (literature searches, AV consult, etc.) and submit as a new protocol submission which would start the review process over.