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University Research Compliance Office

DURC Membership

Institutional Contact for Dual Use Research (ICDUR)

The K-State associate vice president for research compliance has been designated as the ICDUR. If you have questions about dual-use research, contact Cheryl Doerr at comply@ksu.edu or 785-532-3224.

KSU Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) Institutional Review Entity (IRE) Roster

    •  Chair:Stephen Higgs, Ph.D. – Assoc. VPR, Director BRI
    •  Member:Rollie Clem, Ph.D., Professor, Division of Biology
    •  Member:Barbara Drolet, Ph.D, Research Microbiologist, ABADRU
    •  Member:Beth Montelone, PH.D., Assoc. Dean for Research, Arts and Sciences
    •  Member:James Stack, Ph.D. – Professor, Plant Pathology
    •  Member:Julie Johnson, Ph.D.  – Asst. VPR, BRI Biosafety


IRE Communications Consultant:* Erin Pennington, OVPR
IRE Contract & Award Consultant:  * Paul Lowe, OVPR
IRE Safety Consultant:* EH&S Office - as appropriate and available
IRE Legal Consultant:* University Attorney’s Office - as appropriate and available
IRE support: * Heath Ritter, MS – URCO
IRE support: * Greg Peterson – URCO