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2nd Latin American Film Series (right click to download the official poster)

September 5th - October 15th 2012 - KSU Union Forum Hall 7:00pm

Chico & Rita
Cuba-Spain 2010

Wednesday, September 5th, 7:00pm Forum Hall

Director: Fernando Trueba.

Nominated to an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film in 2012. When pianist Chico Valdés, meets singer Rita La Bella in a Cuban nightclub, they embark in a love journey embraced by Latin Jazz music and the events of their country’s turbulent history. Animation-Drama Rated NR (Adult content) 94 min.
Tear this heart out
(Arráncame la vida) Mexico 2008

Wednesday, September 12th, 7:00pm Forum Hall

Director: Roberto Sneider

Internationally acclaimed film based on Angeles Mastretta´s novel with the same title. In post 1910 Mexico when political life is dominated by caciques and power struggles, Catalina challenges social and gender conventions as she grows into a greater understanding of her own identity, opening up new spaces for women at a time when the country is undergoing a deep transformation. Drama Rated R 107 min

Sins of my father
(Pecados de mi padre) Argentina 2009

Monday, September 17th, 7:00pm Forum Hall

Director: Nicolás Entel

How can the son (Juan Pablo Escobar / Sebastián Marroquín) of the most famous drug dealer (Pablo Escobar) face his father’s legacy of crime and violence in a country still torn by the devastation of narcotrafficking? This documentary by Nicolás Entel explores this question (and raises many more) through Marroquín´s initiative to contact the children of political leaders assassinated by his father. They have something in common: they are all orphans and victims of a bloody time in Colombia´s history, and they are looking for peace. Documentary Rated NR 94 min.
The student
(El estudiante) Mexico 2009

Wednesday, September 26th, 7:00pm Forum Hall

Director: Roberto Girault

After retiring to the beautiful Mexican town of Guanajuato, a 70 year old decides to follow his dreams and enroll at the university where he stumbles upon a new generation and they are bound together by the novel Don Quijote de la Mancha. Drama Rated PG-13 95 min.

Peru 2006

Wednesday, October 3rd, 7:00pm Forum Hall

Director: Claudia Llosa

In an isolate village in the Cordillera Blanca, Mountain range of Perú from Good Friday at three o´clock in the afternoon to Easter Sunday, the whole village can do whatever it feels like without remorse. The teenager Madeinusa, her sister Chale and her father Don Cayo maintain the tradition year after year until Salvador, a young geologist from Lima arrives to the village and changes the destiny of the young girl. Drama Rated NR 103 min.

Elite Squat
(Tropa de Elite) Brazil 2007

Tuesday, October 9th, 7:00pm Forum Hall

Director: José Padilla

This awarded film is a semi-fictional account of the operations of the BOPE (Special Police Operations Battalion) during 1997, when Captain Nascimento has to find a substitute for his occupation while trying to take down drug dealers and criminals operating in Rio’s Morro do Turano favela, before Pope John Paul II comes to visit Rio de Janeiro that same year. Action-Drama Rated R 120 min.
Portraits in a sea of lies
(Retratos en un mar de mentiras) Colombia 2010

Monday, October 15th, 7:00pm Forum Hall

Director: Carlos Gaviria

Mariana, a young woman mute due to the trauma caused by forced displacement by guerrilla and paramilitary groups, decides to travel with her cousin Jairo to reclaim her family’s land. In their journey, Mariana’s flashbacks to her past reveal her lost identity and her trauma, and it liberates her heart from a hurting past. Drama Rated R 106 min.