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Cognitive and Neurobiological Approaches to Plasticity

Cognitive & Neurobiological Approaches to Plasticity

Contact information

Kansas State University
Department of Psychological Sciences
492 Bluemont Hall
1114 Mid-Campus Drive
Manhattan,KS 66506
Phone: (785) 532-6850


The CNAP Center is pleased to support four high-quality, high-impact primary projects.
We are currently conducting a search for two post-doctoral fellows (see Current Openings) to support these projects.

Successful candidates should possess preferred skills and interests that link directly with the projects. A list of preferred skills is available for download here.

Project 1: "Plasticity in Aging and Memory for Everyday Activities"

Project Lead: Dr. Heather Bailey (KSU)

Project Mentors: Drs. Jeffrey Zacks (Washington University, St. Louis) and Lester Loschky (KSU)

Project 2: "Rearing-Induced Plasticity and Incentive Motivation for Ethanol"

Project Lead: Dr. Mary Cain (KSU)

Project Mentors: Drs. Stephen Kiefer (KSU) and Stefan Bossman (KSU)

Project 3: "Plasticity in Flexible Goal-Directed Action"

Project Lead: Dr. Charles Pickens (KSU)

Project Mentors: Drs. Andrew Holmes (NIAAA) and Kimberly Kirkpatrick (KSU) 

Project 4: "Neural Plasticity of Older Adults: Perceptual Learning in Driving-Related Visual Functions"

Project Lead: Dr. Rui Ni (WSU)

Project Mentors: Drs. Alex Chaparro (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) and George J. Anderson (University of California-Riverside)