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Consortium for Kansas Unmanned Systems


Kansas State University:

     - College of Technology and Aviation

        Aviation Academic Programs  

        Kurt Barnhart

        Aviation Unmanned Aircraft Systems  

        Video: KSU Salina - UAS 

        Kurt Barnhart

        Mark Blanks 

     - College of Engineering

       Dale Schinstock

       Garth Thompson

     - Departments of Agronomy and Geography    

        Video: Eye on Ag Today1

        Video: Eye on Ag Today2

        Video: Successful Farming Machinery Show - Drone Technology

        Kevin Price

     - College of Veterinary Medicine

       Deon Van Der Merwe

     - Advanced Manufacturing Institute

       Brad Kramer

       Jeff Tucker

University of Kansas:

   - Aerospace Engineering

     Mark Ewing

     Rick Hale

     Shawn Keshmiri

   - Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS)

      Video: CReSIS

      Video: Flight Test

Wichita State University:

   - National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR)

     John Tomblin

     Tom Aldag

   - Aerospace Engineering

Fort Hays State University:

   - Department of Geosciences

      John Heinrich