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Consortium for Kansas Unmanned Systems

Focus on today. Building tomorrow.

Our focus is oriented on general categories that include policy, education, government, applications and advanced manufacturing. In identifying focus areas, our intent is to better frame key strengths found within Kansas. They serve as a means to define and optimally scope, shape, and enhance our ability to respond to both current and emerging needs and opportunities. Described in more detail within our Strategic Plan, focus areas can include:

  • Legality and public acceptance
  • Public safety
  • Education and professional development
  • Government needs (operating rules, design rules, public acceptance, etc)
  • Agriculture/precision agriculture
  • Environment and environmental remote sensing
  • Energy
  • Data integration, interoperability, and information application
  • Sensor-platform integration
  • Autonomy technology and Autonomous UAVs
  • Industry needs (airspace, sensors, materials, human factors, etc)
  • Statewide capabilities that support our national goals

Other areas of consideration include:

  • Human factors
  • Aircraft safety technology
  • Airports
  • Communications, navigation and surveillance
  • Aviation weather
  • Capacity and air traffic control technology
  • Systems science/operations research
  • Commercial space transportation

In developing these focus area we are committed to supporting the future of Kansas and our nation and will: 

  • Execute the Kansas Unmanned Systems Strategy
  • Implement, execute and align our state-wide Strategic Plan with core competencies, needs and challenges of our partners and stakeholders in government, industry and academia
  • Develop and grow the statewide Consortium for aviation and unmanned systems
  • Gain unity and synergy of action for aviation and unmanned systems activities across the state of Kansas
  • Focus and orient key stakeholders and partners on opportunities derived from Kansas unmanned systems traditional and non-traditional contributors and applications (Academia, Industry, Government, etc…)
  • Enable an enduring hybrid framework and governance for the Kansas Unmanned Systems Consortium
  • Identify and orient on key focus areas for R&D, economic growth, and continued expansion of the existing and future aviation and unmanned systems infrastructure within Kansas
  • Position Kansas as an industry leader in the unmanned systems domain, supporting local, regional, national and international interest and opportunities
  • Pursue and develop functional areas from which to focus and orient upon and to coalesce efforts around key technical areas that will maintain and build on our international reputation
  • Constantly refine and adapt our near, intermediate and long term goals that will drive Kansas wide CKUS strategy and economic development