1. Consortium for Kansas Unmanned Systems

Consortium for Kansas Unmanned Systems

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Meeting key U.S. and international “Grand Challenges” in autonomous and aviation systems research, development, and integration through focused efforts from Kansas Government, Academic Institutions, and Industry partners

The Consortium for Kansas Unmanned Systems is a self-forming statewide, national and international association of individuals, academic institutions, companies, organizations and government entities. Focused on innovative collaboration opportunities, the consortium participates in common activities spanning:

  • Science and Technology,
  • Research and Development,
  • Education,
  • Technology development and manufacturing,
  • Technology testing and evaluation,
  • Operations and application, and
  • Implementations of integrated, interoperable, and relevant solutions

Organized under a general partnering framework, and governance structure, the consortium is specifically oriented on strategic, tactical and operational cooperation from within its membership across government, academia, and industry.

In collaboration with our consortium members, our focus remains on sustaining job creation and growth; supporting critical S&T and R&D for our nations grand challenges; providing focused, responsive and relevant technologies and services in response to specific needs, and ensuring the effective and efficient use of valued resources.