Welcome to the K-State/Manhattan Chess Club

Our club consists of many members from all skill levels. Whether you study chess for advanced play, or just like to have some fun, we have members at your skill level who would be happy to play you.

No experience required. We will teach anyone willing to learn how to play!


Currently, we meet Wednesdays from 6:30-10:00 in the Union at Kansas State University near the staterooms (next to the food court). The second location for holidays when union is not open is Hastings coffee shop east of town.

We will often have a display board and/or tutorial movies that one can watch. Variants of chess are also played. Bughouse, Fischerandom, and Shogi players are all welcome! If you are unable to make this meeting time, but would still enjoy playing with its members, just e-mail us (rmadl@ksu.edu). There are many members who play chess often, and would be happy to play with you outside of our meeting times.