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The Rafferty Research Laboratory

Rafferty Research Lab
Kansas State University
Department of Chemistry
1212 Mid-Campus Dr North
203 CBC Building
Manhattan, KS 66506

Phone Numbers
Dr. Rafferty's Office:
Fax: 785-532-6666
Email: rjraff@ksu.edu

Useful Links

Organic Reaction Problems and Solutions

Challenging Problems In Chemistry and Chemical Biology (Harvard)

Trauner Group Problem Sets (New York University)

Fukyama Problem Sets (University of Tokyo)



Useful/Handy Experimental Sites

Evans' pKa Table (Harvard)

Recipes for TLC Stains (McMaster)

NMR Solvent Impurities (CalTech)

Cooling Bath Temperatures

Removal of Reaction Solvent by Extractive Workup: Survey of Water and Solvent Co-extraction in Various Systems


Organic Knowledge

Allison Frontier: Not Voodoo

Hans Reich: Organic Chemistry Info

Myr's Reactivity Scale (LMU München)

Organic Chemistry Portal Highlights

Organic Chemistry Portal Name Reactions

Reference Resolver


Organic Syntheses

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory

Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry

The Master Chemistry Link Page by Alex Zhurkovskyi's


Other Group Websites:

The Wood Group (Baylor)

The Jacobsen Group (Harvard)

The Stoltz Group (Caltech)

The Reisman Group (Caltech)

The Trauner Group (New York University)

The Fukuyama Group (University of Tokyo)