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The Rafferty Research Laboratory

Rafferty Research Lab
Kansas State University
Department of Chemistry
1212 Mid-Campus Dr North
203 CBC Building
Manhattan, KS 66506

Phone Numbers
Dr. Rafferty's Office:
Fax: 785-532-6666
Email: rjraff@ksu.edu


Kansas State University (independent career,  = equal contribution; § = undergraduate researcher)

Rafferty Lab Publications

Exploring the Untapped Potential from Total Synthesis Campaigns: New Therapeutic Small Molecule  
     Discovery and Evaluation from Synthetic Intermediates 
Dallman, J.§; Lansakara, A.; Nguyen, T.; Hulangamuwa, W.; Weeramange, C.; Rafferty, R. J.
          Rafferty Publication

Investigations into the Role of Rigidity upon Blood-Brain Barrier Transport: Applications to Compound 
        Rafferty, R. J.; Fatino, A.; Haney, O.§; Ferguson, K.§
          Rafferty Publication

Porin-Mediated Small Molecule Transport in Gram-Negative Bacteria: Correlating Charge and its Spatial 
 Desman, P.; Nguyen. T.; Hoang, V.§; Henderson, H.§; Bartels, A.§; Rafferty, R. J.
Rafferty Publication

 Direct Inhibition Assessment of 6-Thiopurine towards UDP-Glucose Dehydrogenase and Discovery of 
    Small Molecule Potentiators for Therapeutic Application Expansion
        Weeramange, C.; Lansakara, A.; Dallman, J.§; Nguyen, T.; Hulangamuwa, W.; Rafferty, R. J.
          Rafferty Publication

Rafferty Lab Publications

10.  Efforts in Redesigning the Antileukemic Drug 6-Thiopurine: Decreasing Toxic Side Effects while
         Maintaining Efficacy

 Torres Hernandez, A.§; Weeramange, C.; Desman, P.; Fatino, A.; Haney, O.§; Rafferty, R. J.
        MedChemComm 201910, 169-179.         
            LINK TO JOURNAL                  LINK TO ARTICLE

Rafferty Publication

9.  Synthetic Studies Towards Lagunamide C: Polyketide Assembly Investigations
 Fatino, A.; Weese, C.; Valdez, S.§; Jimenez-Somarribas, A.; Rafferty, R. J.
        Tetrahedron Let. 201859, 624-627.              
            LINK TO JOURNAL                  LINK TO ARTICLE

Rafferty Publication

8.  Inhibition Roles of 6-Thiopurine and its Excretion Metabolites upon UDP-Glucose Dehydrogenase
      and UDP-Glucuronosyl Transferase
        Weeramange, C. J.; Binns, C. M.§; Chen, C.; Rafferty, R. J.
        Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 2018151, 106-115.              
            LINK TO JOURNAL                  LINK TO ARTICLE

Rafferty Publication

7.  Total Synthesis and Evaluation of Reniochalistatin E
  Fatino, A.; Baca, G.§; Weeramange, C.; Rafferty, R. J.
        Journal of Natural Products 201780, 3234-3240.             
            LINK TO JOURNAL                  LINK TO ARTICLE

Rafferty Publication

6.  In pursuit of balgacyclamide A - Discovery of an oxazoline macrocycle with multiple myeloma cytotoxicity
      and penetration
        Hoang, V. L.§; Zhang, Y.§; Rafferty, R. J.
        Tetrahedron Let.201758, 4432-4435.                
             LINK TO JOURNAL                  LINK TO ARTICLE

Rafferty Publication 

Before Kansas State University

5.  Synthesis of Complex and Diverse Compounds via Ring Distortion of Abietic Acid
        Rafferty, R. J.; Hicklin, R. W.; Maloof, K. A.; Hergenrother, P. J. 
        Angew. Chem. int. Ed. 201453, 220                  
             LINK TO JOURNAL                  LINK TO ARTICLE

Rafferty Publication 

4. Rafferty, R. J. and Williams, R. W. “Formal Synthesis of Hapalindole O and Efforts Towards Ambiguine A.” Heterocycles, 2012, 86, 219.

3. Rafferty, R. J. and Williams, R. W. “Total Synthesis of Hapalindoles J and U.” J. Org. 2012, 77, 519.

2. Rafferty, R. J. and Williams, R. W. “Synthetic Studies on the Ambiguine Family of Alkaloids: Construction of the ABCD Ring System.” Tet. Lett.2011, 52(17), 2037.

1. Artman, G.; Rafferty, R. J.; Williams, R. M. “(3R,7aS)-3-(Trichloromethyl)tetrahydropyrrolo [1,2-c]oxazol-1(3H)-one: An Air and Moisture Stable Reagent for the Synthesis of Optically Active a-Branched Prolines.” Org. Syn. 2009, 86, 262. [link]