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Department of Chemistry

News and Highlights


  1. Prof. Jankowiak was awarded $480,000 from DOE BES (funding period: September 2011-August 2014). Project title: "Resonant and Non-resonant Hole-Burning and Delta Fluorescence Line-Narrowing Study of BChls in Excitonically Coupled Photosynthetic Systems” (See the report at the Kansas State University web news).
  2. Prof. Jankowiak received a $380,000 grant from the NSF (funding period: 2009-2013). Project title: “Comparative Studies of Electronic Structure and Dynamic Processes in Model Photosynthetic Complexes Using Spectral Hole Burning and Single Complex Spectroscopies” (See the report at the Kansas State University web news).
  3. Prof. Jankowiak is selected as an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials.
  4. On April 14, 2011, we organized “The 5th Annual Chemistry Symposium Kansas State University”. More than 80 High School Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors and Community College students attended the symposium. Six professors from KansasUniversity and Kansas State University were invited to give talks about photosynthesis and clean energy. Click here (.pdf) for the detailed schedule. The 2010 symposium was reported as a K-State news.
  5. Adam Kell joins our group in 2011. He graduated from Truman State University, Missouri.
  6. David Hardwood joins our group as a REU student in summer 2011. He is studying for his bachelor degree at Geneva College,Pennsylvania.


  1. Khem got 2011 Graduate Chemistry Research Award from PLU.
  2. Bhanu got the 2010 Graduate Chemistry Research Award from PLU.
  3. Prof. Ryszard Jankowiak receives Sigma Xi Society K-State Chapter 2010 Outstanding Senior Scientist Award.
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  4. Mike Reppert receives Fulbright Fellowship (2009-2010).
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  5. Mike Reppert, senior has been awarded a NSF Graduate Scholarship (2009). 
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  6. Mike Reppert, Kansas State University Presidential Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Student in Research (2008).
  7. Mike Reppert, Goldwater Scholarship (2007).