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The Ito Research Laboratory

Ito Research Lab
Kansas State University
Department of Chemistry
King Hall 303
1212 Mid-Campus Dr North
Manhattan, KS 66506

Phone Numbers
Office: 785-532-1451
Fax: 785-532-6666
Email: ito[at]ksu.edu

The Ito Research Laboratory

Our current research involves (A) fabrication of novel materials comprising self-organized cylindrical nanostructures with controlled dimensions and chemical properties and their characterization using various electrochemical, spectroscopic and microscopic techniques, (B) quantitative investigation of molecular-level mechanisms behind mass and charge transport within well-defined nanostructures, and (C) application of the nanomaterials for separation and/or detection of chemical and biological targets.  Here are our recent achievements.


(A) Fabrication of nanostructured materials.

We have established a means to control the surface properties of nanostructures reflecting block copolymer microdomains (left) [1,2]. In addition, we have discovered that nanoporous gallium oxide can be formed by anodization of solid gallium metal (right) [3].



(B) Quantitative investigation of molecular-level mass/charge transport within nanostructures.

We investigate molecular diffusion in nanoscale media using single-molecule fluorescence techniques (in collaboration with Dr. Higgins (KSU, Chemistry)) (left) [4-6].  In addition, we have demonstrated the linker- and complexation-based control of electron hopping for ferrocene moieties covalently tethered onto block copolymer-derived nanopores (right) [7,8].