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The Hua Research Laboratory

Hua Research Lab
Kansas State University
Department of Chemistry
301 CBC Building
1212 Mid-Campus Dr North
Manhattan, KS 66506

Phone Numbers
Office: 785-532-6699
Lab: 785-532-6664
Fax: 785-532-6666
Email: duy@ksu.edu

Research Overview

Our research interest includes: (i) bimetallic nanoclusters in catalytic asymmetric oxidation reactions for organic synthesis; (ii) development of electronic biosensors in the profiling of overexpressed proteases for early detection of triple-negative breast cancer; and (iii) synthesis, mechanistic study and bio-evaluation of anti-Alzheimer molecules.

Our recent discovery of bimetallic nanocluster-mediated enantioselective oxidation of alcohols, alkanes, and alkenes along with C-C bond forming reaction has opened new directions for the synthesis of chiral molecules. Biologically active small molecules have been discovered by our collaborators’ and my research groups.