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The Aikens Research Laboratory

Aikens Research Group
Kansas State University
Department of Chemistry
213 CBC Building
1212 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506
Office: CBC 428

Phone Numbers
Office: 785-532-0954
Lab: 785-532-3189
Fax: 785-532-6666
Email: cmaikens@ksu.edu

Former Group Members

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dimuthu Weerawardene became a postdoc in the Aikens group in 2018 after finishing her Ph.D. in the group in December 2017.  She studied luminescence of gold nanoclusters.  Dr. Weerawardene became a postdoc at Baylor University in Summer 2019.

Fahri Alkan was a member of the Aikens group from 2016-2019.  He examined the fundamental interactions between transition metal dopants and gold and silver nanoparticles.  He also investigated coupling between nanoparticle dimers.  Dr. Alkan became a professor at Abdullah Gul University in Turkey in April 2019.

Andre Clayborne was a member of the Aikens group in 2016.  He examined the interactions of gold nanoparticles on titanium dioxide.  Dr. Clayborne became a professor at the University of Missouri - Kansas City in Fall 2016 and moved to Howard University in Fall 2017.

Choongkeun Lee was a member of the Aikens group from April 2011 to November 2013.  He studied water splitting processes on the oxygen evolving center (OEC) of Photosystem II as well as on various inorganic models of the OEC.  Dr. Lee later became a postdoctoral research associate at West Virginia University.  Dr. Lee is now a researcher at Alliance Pharma.

Gyun-Tack Bae was a member of the Aikens group from October 2010 to July 2013.  He studied the optical properties of silver and gold nanoparticles with icosahedral, octahedral, and truncated octahedral shapes.  He also improved the ReaxFF force field for nanoparticles containing Au, S, C, and H atoms.  Dr. Bae is now a professor at Chungbuk National University in South Korea.

Indrajit Bandyopadhyay was a member of the Aikens group from January 2008 to May 2009.  He investigated the structures and energetics of mixed titanium-silicon dioxide clusters.


Graduate Students

Dimuthu Weerawardene (Ph.D. 2017).  Became a postdoc at Baylor University in the group of Kevin Shuford.

Natalia (Natasha) Karimova (Ph.D. 2017). Became a postdoc at the University of California, Irvine, in the group of Benny Gerber.

Amendra Fernando Hewa Dewage (Ph.D. 2016).  Became a postdoc at Yale with Victor Batista and then joined the lab of Bernhardt Trout at MIT.

Brian Barngrover (Ph.D. 2015)  Now Assistant Professor at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Emilie Guidez (Ph.D. 2014)  Performed a postdoc at Iowa State with Mark Gordon and became a professor at University of Colorado, Denver in Fall 2017.

Lila Pandey (2008–2013)  Now Professor at Ramani Multiple Campus, Nepal.


Undergraduate Students

Marquix Adamson (B.S. 2017) Entering Ph.D. program at Iowa State University in Fall 2017

Hannah Devore (B.S. 2017) Pfizer

Tim Manges (B.S. 2016) Environmental Specialist for the City of Manhattan Public works

Mike Just (B.S. 2016) Ph.D. program at University of Missouri, Kansas City

Juliana Knopp (B.S. 2016)

Andy Warner (B.S. 2016)

Tim Cobb (B.S. 2015)

David Tierney (B.S. 2015) Cargill

Brandon Dale (B.S. 2014) PRA Health Sciences

Emily Kinder (B.S. 2014) M.S. in Nutrition from Kansas State University

Christian Montes (B.S. 2012)

Jacob Hull (B.S. 2012) Entered Ph.D. program in Physiology at the University of Michigan

Karmen Harris (B.S. 2012) Developing Scholars Program

Hannah Johnson Colmer (B.S. 2011) Received her Ph.D. in Physical Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Kansas

Katie Brewer (B.S. 2010) Quest Diagnostics

Makenzie Provorse (B.S. 2009) Achieved a Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 2014 and performed a postdoc at University of California, Merced.  Became an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Arkansas in Fall 2017.

Allison Hadley (B.S. 2009) Received her M.D. from the University of Kansas Medical Center.  Recently completed her residency at University of Minnesota Pediatric Residency.


Summer Students

Katie Skinner (REU student, summer 2016)

Tyler Haddock (SUROP student, summer 2014) Entered Ph.D. program at the University of Illinois

Suzanne Kucera (REU student, summer 2013) Entered Ph.D. program at the University of Notre Dame

Jeremy Vincenot (exchange student from Clermont-Ferrand, France, summer 2008) Chemical engineer