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The Aakeröy Research Laboratory

Aakeröy Research Lab
Kansas State University
Department of Chemistry
328 CBC Building
1212 Mid-Campus Dr North
Manhattan, KS 66506

Phone Numbers
Office: 785-532-6096
Lab: 785-532-6061
Fax: 785-532-6666
Email: aakeroy@ksu.edu

Welcome to the home pages of the Aakeröy Research Group at Kansas State University!

On these pages we hope to provide visitors with brief introductions to some of the research projects that are being pursued within the group as well as an up-to-date summary of publications that have resulted from our work.

We have also included informal information about past and present group members along with news items and a photo gallery that offers a glimpse into the workings of the Aakeröy group.

Prospective Ph. D/undergraduate students and potential collaborators can contact Prof. Aakeröy directly for more details.


 Upcoming events


Aakeröy Group Seminar
Inorganic Group Seminar



10.30 a.m.

KG 04




1.30 p.m.

KG 209


 News in pictures


Congratulations Prof. Christer B. Aakeröy who has been selected for 73rd recipient of the ACS Midwest Award 2017. (In the picture: Prof. Aakeröy and the Aakeröy group members with the ACS president Prof. Peter K. Dorhout at the award ceremony) Read more


More news in pictures


Congratulations 2022 Spring graduate Vinu Panikkattu (PhD)

Congratulations 2021 Spring graduate Amila Abeysekera (PhD)

Congratulation Kelly Shunje for winning the 1st place presentation at the 2021 Capitol Graduate Research Summit in Topeka, KS

Congratulations Kelly Shunje for becoming official PhD candidate in Spring 2021

Congratulations Viraj De Silva for becoming official PhD candidate in Spring 2021

Congratulation Kelly Shunje for winning the annual Research and The State poster forum conducted by the Graduate Student Council 2020

Congratulations Vinu Panikkattu for winning IUCr Journals Poster Prize at the 4th International Symposium on Halogen Bonding 2020

Congratulations 2020 Spring graduate Nandini Sarkar (PhD)

Congratulations Viraj De Silva for receiving PLU Graduate Classroom Award 2020

Congratulations Vinu Panikkattu for becoming official PhD candidate in Fall 2019

Congratulations Amila Abeysekera for becoming official PhD candidate in Spring 2019

Congratulations  Nandini Sarkar for receiving Ann and Dave Braun student inventor award

Congratulations  Nandini Sarkar for receiving PLU bershield and derstadt award in recognition of exceptional graduate research award 2019

Congratulations  Nandini Sarkar for winning the 1st place of K-State GRAD Research Forum in the Engineering/Math/Physical Sciences Oral section 2019

Congratulations 2018 Summer graduate Janaka Gamekkanda (PhD)

Congratulations 2018 Summer graduate Chamara Gunawardana (PhD)

Congratulations  Nandini Sarkar for winning best poster award at Gordon Research Conference (GRC)- Crystal Engineering 2018

Congratulations  Nandini Sarkar for winning Crystal Growth and Design award for best presentation at MOSSCS XXVIII 2018

Congratulations 2018 Summer graduate Bhupinder Sandhu (PhD)

Congratulations Bhupinder Sandhu for receiving PLU Research Award 2018

Congratulations Amila Abeysekera for receiving PLU Graduate Classroom Award 2018

Congratulations Makena Utech for receiving PLU undergraduate academic scholarship 2018

Congratulations 2018 Spring graduate Dr. Stefan Andree (PhD)

Congratulations Bhupinder Sandhu for receiving 2018 Graduate Award for Leadership and Service by the K-State Alumni Association.

Congratulations Nandini Sarkar for becoming official PhD candidate in Spring 2018

Congratulations Prof. Christer B. Aakeröy who has been selected for 73rd recipient of the ACS Midwest Award 2017.

Congratulations Summer 2017 graduate Dr. Manomi Perera (PhD)

Congratulations Bhupinder Sandhu for receiving Best Presentation Award in MOSSCS 2017

Congratulations Bhupinder Sandhu for receiving University Distinguished Professors Graduate Student Award 2017

Congratulations Ann McLean for winning PLU Merck Index Award and Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence 2017

Congratulations Makena Utech for winning PLU undergraduate academic scholarship 2017

Congratulations Janaka Gamekkanda for winning the 1st place of K-State GRAD Research Forum in the Engineering/Math/Physical Sciences Oral section 2017 Read more

Congratulations Prof. Aakeröy for receiving Prestigious Higuchi-KU Endowment Research Achievement Award in 2016 Read more

Congratulations Chamara Gunawardana and Stefan Andree for becoming official PhD candidates in Spring 2016

Congratulations Prof. Aakeröy for receiving the 2016 BCA Prize Read more

Congratulations Janaka Gamekkanda for becoming official PhD candidate in Spring 2016

Congratulations Fall 2015 graduate Dr. Tharanga Wijethunga (PhD)

Prof. Aakeröy delivered an invited lecture at the 29th European Crystallography Meeting (ECM), Aug. 23-28, 2015, Rovinj, Croatia Read more

Prof. Aakeröy delivered an invited lecture at the 2nd ICSU/IUPAC workshop on Crystal engineering, Aug. 31-Sept. 1, 2015, Como, Italy Read more

Congratulation Bhupinder Sandhu for becoming official PhD candidate in Fall 2015

Prof. Aakeröy delivered an invited lecture at the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Cambridge Structural Database, CSD 50, July 1-4, 2015, Downing College, Cambridge, UK Read more

Prof. Aakeröy delivered an invited lecture at the 8th Bologna Convention on Crystal Forms, 14-16 June 2015, Bologna, Italy Read more

Prof. Aakeröy gave two invited lectures at the 48th International School of Crystallography, 4-15, June 2015, Erice, Italy Read more

Congratulations Spring 2015 graduates Dr. Dhanushi Welideniya (PhD) and Christine Spartz (BS)

Congratulations Tharanga Wijethunga for winning Kansas State University Alumni Association Scholarship Award 2015 and The Mitsugi Ohno Chemistry Award 2015

Congratulations Janaka Gamekkanda & Bhupinder Sandhu for winning PLU Graduate Classroom Award 2015

Congratulations Christine Spartz for winning PLU Senior Award 2015