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Department of Chemistry

Dr. Christer B. Aakeröy

christerUniversity Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

M. Sc. Uppsala University, Sweden, (1986).
D. Phil., University of Sussex, UK, (1990).
Lecturer in Chemistry, The Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, (1993-1996).

Email: aakeroy@ksu.edu
Office Phone: 785-532-6096
Lab Phone: 785-532-6061
Fax: 785-532-6666

Website: Aakeröy Group

Research Overview

Chemistry is the science of communication and change, and these interrelated processes are controlled by reversible interactions between molecules.  Our ability to design and synthesize discrete molecular species has developed for over a century, and today we are capable of making extraordinary molecules that rival some of Nature’s best efforts when it comes to structural complexity and chemical reactivity.  However, the synthesis of supramolecular assemblies composed of many different molecular fragments held together by non-covalent forces, is far less advanced, and our understanding of how groups of molecules communicate, bind, organize, and function, is still incomplete. 

In our group we synthesize new organic molecules as well as coordination complexes using both conventional and mechanochemical synthetic protocols and subsequently we employ non-covalent interactions (such as hydrogen- and halogen bonds) to assemble molecular building blocks into supramolecular architectures with precise dimensions, topologies, and motifs.

Control over the assembly of molecules into extended networks is rapidly becoming an important target in both materials chemistry and biotechnology and through systematic structural studies we then correlate a wide variety of physical properties of the bulk materials with specific features of the individual building blocks.  By translating molecular function into predictable intermolecular recognition we can create versatile pathways for improving processing, performance and shelf-life of a wide range of specialty chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyes, non-linear optical and energetic materials.

Research Overview

Selected publications

  1. Aakeröy, C.B.; Wijethunga, T.K. Desper, J., Crystal engineering of energetic materials: Co-crystals of ethylenedinitramine (EDNA), Chem. Eur. J, 2015, DOI:10.1002/chem.201501721.
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