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Department of Chemistry

Dr. Radhika Nareddy   

Dr. Radhika Nareddy

Teaching Assistant Professor  Courses Instructed
locationCBC 427

 CHM 350 - General Organic Chemistry

CHM 531 - Organic Chemsitry I

CHM 550 - Organic Chemsitry II

CHM 351/532 - Organic Chemistry Labs

phone785-532-6534 (office)
785-532-6666 (fax)



Teaching Assistant Professor
Instructor, University of South Carolina
Scientist, Volochem INC
Instructor, Mississippi State University
Ph.D., Chemistry, Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS
Assistant Professor, A.V. College, India
MS, Chemistry, Tennessee Technological University



CHM 350 - General Organic Chemistry. (3) A survey of types of organic reactions important to biological science, including pre-veterinary and certain agriculture and human ecology programs. Prerequisite: CHM 230 or CHM 250

CHM 531 - Orgnic Chemistry I. (3) Topics to be covered include fundamental concepts in organic chemistry such as hybridization, molecular orbitals, structure and bonding, acids and bases, kinetics and thermodynamics, stereochemistry and chirality, and conformational analysis. The basic knowledge will be used to study the syntheses, reactions, and mechanisms of functional groups such as alkanes, haloalkanes, and alkenes. Structural determination using infrared spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance will also be included. Prerequisite: CHM 230 or CHM 250

CHM 550 - Organic Chemistry II. (3) A continuation of Organic Chemistry I (CHM 531). CHM 550 represents the second semester of a two-semester survey of organic chemistry. Topics to be discussed include syntheses, reactions, and mechanisms of alkynes, aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids and their derivatives, amines, benzene and its derivatives, organometallic chemistry, conjugated unsaturated systems and pericyclic reactions, polymers, carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Structural identification will be studied using various spectroscopic methods. Prerequisite: CHM 531. 

Teaching Awards

  • 2014 Outstanding Organic Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award