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Department of Chemistry

Departmental Seminars

All lectures are in King 4 at 1:30 pm unless indicated otherwise.

February 13, 2017*
King 209, 2:30 pm
Michael Haibach
California Institute of Technology
Title: Activation of C-H and C-O Bonds: Approaches using Organocatalysis and Pincer Complexes
Host: Dr. Aakeroy
February 15, 2017*
King 004, 3:30 pm
Wenliang Huang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: Molecular Design in Organometallic Rare-Earth Reduction Chemistry and Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Host: Dr. Aakeroy
February 20, 2017*
King 209, 2:30 pm
Titel Jurca 
Northwestern University
Title: Small Changes, Big Consequences: The Downstream Effects of Ligand Design for Inorganic Coordination Compounds
Host: Dr. Aakeroy
February 23, 2017Santosh Aryal
Kansas State University
Title: A Look towards Theranostics Bionanomaterials
Host: Dr. Higgins
February 27, 2017*
King 209, 2:30 pm
Peter Sues
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: Developing Catalysts for Asymmetric Hydrogenation and Olefin Metathesis Using Ligand Design and Mechanistic Investigations
Host: Dr. Aakeroy
March 2, 2017Ryan Rafferty
Kansas State University
Title: Therapeutic Agent Discovery: Do Natural Products Still Have a Role to Play?
Host: Dr. Higgins
March 9, 2017Kayode Oshin
Creighton University
Title: Copper-Olefin Interactions and Kinetic Studies in Atom Transfer Radical Addition (ATRA) Reactions
Host: Dr. Bossmann
March 16, 2017Christina Aguilera
Kansas State University - Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Title: Cradle-to-Grave Chemical Waste Management
Host: Dr. Higgins
March 30, 2017Gangli Wang
Georgia State University
Title: Imaging and Sensing Based on Luminescence by Photo- and Redox-Activation in Atomic Precision Gold Nanoclusters
Host: Dr. Ito
April 6, 2017Liangcheng Du
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Title: Searching for New Antibiotics from Underexplored Microorganisms
Host: Dr. Ping Li
April 13, 2017Mei He
Kansas State University - Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Host: Dr. Culbertson
April 20, 2017Kevin Plaxco
University of California, Santa Barbara
PLU Lecture
Title: Counting Molecules, Dodging Blood Cells: Real-Time Molecular Measurements Directly in the Living Body
Host: PLU
April 27, 2017Paul Hanson
University of Kansas
Title: Developing a Discovery Platform for Novel Electrophilic Probes: Emerging S- and P-Chemotypes in Chemical Biology
Host: Dr. Rafferty