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Department of Chemistry

Departmental Seminars

All lectures are in King 4 at 1:30 pm unless indicated otherwise.

January 28, 2016Doug Goodwin
Auburn University
Title: Tryptophanyl radicals and arginine switches: Synergy or antagonism in the operation of a bifunctional enzyme?
Host:  Dr. Ping Li
March 10, 2016Emily McLaurin
Kansas State University
Title:  Controlling Nanocrystal Properties Using Surface Chemistry
Host:  Dr. Maatta
March 24, 2016Mario Rivera
University of Kansas
Title: Developing Chemical Tools for Inhibiting Protein-Protein Interactions in Bacteria
Host:  Dr. Ping Li
March 29, 2016
Fiedler Aud.
4:00 pm
Omowunmi Sadik
SUNY Binghamton
Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture
Title:  Can Your iPhone Tell You What's in Your Food?
Co-sponsored by Chemistry and several other departments. 
March 31, 2016Ryan Hansen
Kansas State University
Title:  Synthetic Biological Interfaces for New Applications in Cell-Based Screening
Host:  Dr. McLaurin
April 14, 2016Jacob Petrich
Iowa State University
PLU Lecture
Title:  Some Uses of Light:  From Subdiffraction Limited Microscopy (STED) to Retinal Scans
Host:  PLU
April 21, 2016Javier Vela
Iowa State University
Title:  Inorganic Solutions to Semiconductor Problems:  Synthesis of Binary and Ternary Phosphide Nanocrystals for Energy Applications.
Host:  Dr. McLaurin
April 28, 2016Robert Dunn
University of Kansas
Title:  The Development of New Analytical Tools Based on Small Optical Resonators.
Host: Dr. Higgins 
July 5, 2016Sanjay Wategaonkar
Tata Institute for Research, Mumbai
Title:  CH---O Non-covalent Contacts:  Are These Hydrogen Bonded?
Host:  Dr. Maatta