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Department of Chemistry

Departmental Seminars

All lectures are in King 4 at 1:30 pm unless indicated otherwise.

February 12, 2015Susan Kauzlarich
University of California - Davis
Title: Synthesis and Characterization of Zintl Phases and Ge Nanocrystals for Thermoelectrics and Photovoltaic Applications.
Host: Dr. McLaurin
February 26, 2015Mikhail Barybin
University of Kansas
Title:  Azulene-base Organometallics:  New Platforms for Charge Delocalization and Transport at the Nanoscale.
Host: Dr. Ito
April 2, 2015Rick Chu
University of North Dakota
Title:  Construction of Organic Nanostructures Using Symmetric Building Blocks:  From Supramolecular Helix to Biomass Derived 2d Polymer.
Host: Dr. Aakeroy
April 9, 2015Marco Bonizzoni
University of Alabama
Title:  Polyelectrolytes as Supramolecular Hosts in Water:  Fundamental Interactions and Their Applications.
Host: Dr. Ito
April 16, 2015Aimin Liu
Georgia State University
Title:  Catalysis at a Distance:  Nature's Sniper for Remote Specific Tryptophan Oxidation.
Host: Dr. Ping Li
April 30, 2015Emily Weiss
Northwestern University
PLU Lecture
Title: Visible-Light Photocatalysis within Dispersions of Colloidal Quantum Dots.
Host: PLU