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Department of Chemistry

Departmental Seminars

All lectures are in King 4 at 1:30 pm unless indicated otherwise.

February 14, 2013Jeremy Schmit
Kansas State University
Host: Dr. Aikens
February 28, 2013Blake Peterson
University of Kansas
Host: Dr. Ping Li
March 7, 2013Mary Rezac
Kansas State University
Membrane Reactors for Bio-Oil Hydrotreating at Mild Processing Conditions
Host: Dr. Aikens
March 8, 2013,
3:30 pm
Xiao-Min Lin
Argonne National Laboratory
Joint Chemistry-Physics Seminar
Host: Dr. Sorensen
March 14, 2013Jennifer Anthony
Kansas State University
Host: Dr. Aakeroy
March 14, 2013,
4:00 PM
David Williams
Indiana University
The Evolution of Strategies for Natural Product Synthesis. A Wellspring for Inspiration, Innovation, and Discovery in Organic Chemistry
Host: Dr. Hua
March 26, 2013,
2:30 PM
Karoly Osvay
University of Szeged, Hungary
Joint Chemistry-Physics Seminar
Attosecond Light Pulse Source of the Extreme Light Infrastructure: a project overview
Host: Dr. Chikan
March 28, 2013

NSF Advance Lecture

David Nesbitt
JILA and University of Colorado, Boulder
From Single Molecule RNA Folding to Single Nanoparticle Plasmonics: The Beauty of One at a Time
Host: Dr. Aikens

April 4, 2013Sang Bok Lee
University of Maryland
Heterogeneous Nanostructures: Fast Electrochemistry, from Ultrafast Electrochromics to High-to-Ultrahigh Power Electrical Energy Storage
Host: Dr. Ito
April 11, 2013Om Prakash
Kansas State University
Host: Dr. Aikens
April 18, 2013

PLU Lecture

Emily Carter
Princeton University
Host: PLU

April 25, 2013Doug English
Wichita State University
Fluorescence-Based Single Molecule Studies of Biological and Bio-inspired Systems
Host: Dr. Higgins
May 2, 2013Young-Jin Lee
Iowa State University
Mass Spectrometry for Bioenergy Science: Imaging of Plant Metabolites and Petroleomic Bio-oil Analysis
Host: Dr. Ito