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Department of Chemistry

Departmental Seminars

All lectures are in King 4 at 1:30 pm unless indicated otherwise.

August 29, 2019Hazardous waste awareness training by Adam Ukena
Environmental Health & Safety, Kansas State University
September 5, 2019
Brian Blagg
University of Notre Dame  (Abstract of Seminar)
Title: Chaperoning New Drugs that Treat Cancer and Protein Misfolding Diseases
Host: Dr. Rafferty
September 12, 2019Davita Watkins
University of Mississippi (Abstract of Seminar)
Title: Supramolecular Approaches to Advanced Functional Materials
Host: Dr. Aakeroy
September 19, 2019Ryan Rafferty
Kansas State University
Title: The Never-Ending Story in Bioactive Agent Discovery and Transport
Host: Dr. Higgins
September 26, 2019Santosh Aryal
Kansas State University
Title: Bionanotechnology: Crossing the Barriers
Host: Dr. Higgins
October 3, 2019David Oupicky
University of Nebraska, Medical Center (Abstract of Seminar)
Title: Pharmacologically Active Delivery Systems for Therapeutic Targeting of Chemokine Networks
Host: Dr. Aryal
October 17, 2019ACS Midwest Regional Meeting
October 31, 2019Hazard Communication Training by Shane Garrett
Environmental Health & Safety, Kansas State University
November 7, 2019Christopher Cummins
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Abstract of Seminar)
King Lecture
Title: Phorphorus-Element Bond-Forming Reactions
Host: Dr. Sues
November 14, 2019Lamartine Meda
Xavier University of Louisiana
Title: Crosslinked Composite Polymer Electrolyte for Solid-State Lithium Batteries
Host: Dr. Jun Li
December 5, 2019Jeanne Bolliger
Oklahoma State University
Title: TBA
Host: Dr. Rafferty

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