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Department of Chemistry

Departmental Seminars

During Fall 2021, lectures may be held entirely virtually (via Zoom) or in a hybrid fashion (with in-person meetings in King 4 and possible Zoom attendance).  Zoom links will be sent out by Kim Ross.  (The same link will be active each week.) All lectures will be held at 1:30 pm unless indicated otherwise.

September 16, 2021 (King 4)Camilla Roberts
Honor and Integrity System, Kansas State University
Title: TBA
Host: Dr. Paul Smith
September 23, 2021 (Zoom)Cristián Sánchez
CONICET and Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina
Title: A decade looking into photo-induced charge transfer: What we know (and don't know) so far
Host: Dr. Christine Aikens
September 30, 2021 (King 4)

Shin Moteki
University of Missouri, Kansas City
Title: Chirality-Driven Self-Assembly: Application toward constructing homogeneous and heterogeneous dual catalysts
Host: Dr. Duy Hua

October 7, 2021  (Zoom)

Erik Reimhult
Institute of Biologisch Inspirierte Materialien, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Title: TBA
Host: Dr. Viktor Chikan

October 14, 2021  (King 4)

Vera Truttmann
TU Wien, Austria
Title: TBA
Host: Dr. Christine Aikens

October 21, 2021  (King 4)

Ken Klabunde Memorial Lecture

Younan Xia
Georgia Institute of Technology
Title: TBA
Host: Dr. Jun Li

October 28, 2021  (King 4)

Timothy Warren
Michigan State University
Title: TBA
Host: Dr. Peter Sues
November 4, 2021 (Zoom)

Jonathan Lovell
SUNY University at Buffalo
Title: Unique Drug and Antigen Delivery Enabled by Porphyrin-Phospholipid Liposomes
Host: Dr. Viktor Chikan

November 11, 2021 (King 4)Timothy Jackson
University of Kansas
Title: Understanding the Function of Manganese-Dependent Enzymes using Bio-inspired Complexes
Host: Dr. Peter Sues
November 18, 2021 (King 4)Michael Reppert
Purdue University
Title: TBA
Host: Dr. Christine Aikens
December 2, 2021 (Zoom)Gerald O. Wilson (President and CEO)
Autonomic Materials, Inc.
Title: TBA
Host: Pricilla Matseketsa/NOBCChE

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