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Department of Chemistry

Prof. Yasmin Patell receives Commerce Bank Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

yasminDr. Yasmin Patell was one of four Kansas State University faculty members chosen to receive the 2011 Commerce Bank Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching. Her remarkable talents as an educator have been recognized by her students, by Kansas State University, by the American Chemical Society, and by various scientific publishing companies.

In her position as an Assistant Teaching Scholar in the Department of Chemistry, Yasmin instructs more than 1100 students every year in Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2. Year after year, her students offer comments about her teaching such as “phenomenal”, “absolutely wonderful”, “incredible”, etc.

Engendering such a positive response from her students does not simply “happen”: instead, Yasmin consistently delivers lucid, compelling, multi-layered presentations supplemented by organized study and review sessions, an array of material available online, and a completely open-door policy for her office hours. With so many students under her charge each semester, this approach requires organization, energy, enthusiasm, sensitivity and above all, dedication - she is rarely alone in her office.

Yasmin has been recognized for her teaching effectiveness both by Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and by Alpha Delta Pi sorority, and she is also a previous winner of Arts and Science’s William L. Stamey Teaching Award and the University’s Presidential Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching - a clean sweep of every teaching honor available at K-State! Yasmin is a member of an elite group of educators in the American Chemical Society’s Examinations Institute, where she helps to craft the standard exams that are given to thousands of first-year students nationwide.

Congratulations, Yasmin!