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Department of Chemistry

Two Undergraduate Researchers Nominated for Goldwater Scholarships

Among Kansas State University’s four nominees for the 2011 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships are two students conducting research in under the direction of Chemistry faculty members.

Angela Grommett is a sophomore Chemistry major working in Professor Christer Aakeröy’s group on a project to modify the properties and bio-availability of the rheumatoid arthritis medication diclofenac through the formation of co-crystals.

Gage Brummer is a junior in biochemistry and premedicine working with Professor Chris Culbertson developing microfluidic devices to analyze the contents of single cells. The project could have significant impact in, for example, the early-stage detection of diseases.

Undergraduate researchers in Chemistry at Kansas State have received a total of fourteen of these prestigious scholarships since 1989.

The complete KSU News release can be found here: