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Department of Chemistry

Three Graduate Students Receive Fateley Travel Awards

Three Chemistry graduate students have been selected to receive travel awards from the Scott Fateley Memorial Fund. These awards will support their travel to scientific conferences to present their recent research results during 2011.

Manindu Peiris, Ph.D. student under the direction of University Distinguished Professor Ken Klabunde, will use her award to travel to the American Chemical Society’s National Meeting in Anaheim, CA in March.

Dinusha Udukala, first-year Ph.D. student working in Professor Stefan Bossmann’s group, will give two presentations at the Fall 2011 ACS National Meeting in Denver.

Khanh Hoa Tran Ba, Ph.D. student in Professor Takashi Ito’s group, will also give a presentation at the Fall 2011 ACS National Meeting in Denver.

The Scott Fateley Memorial Fund was established through generous contributions from our late colleague, University Distinguished Professor William G. Fateley, his family, his friends and his students.