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Department of Chemistry

Two graduate students selected for Capitol Graduate Research Summit

Two Chemistry graduate students are among a group of ten young scholars selected to share their research results with state legislators, the Kansas Board of Regents and representatives from industry during the annual Capitol Graduate Research Summit to be held at the Docking State Office Building in Topeka.

Evan Hurley, Ph.D. student in Professor Christer Aakeröy’s group, will present “Coupling Pyrazole to Pyrazine: Steps to Engineering a Better Agricultural Chemical and Predicting Binding Preferences through Co-crystal Synthesis.”

Lateef Syed, Ph.D. student in Professor Jun Li’s group, will present “Dielectrophoretic Capture of E. coli at Nanoelectrode Arrays.”

The Capitol Graduate Research Summit is in its eighth year, and serves as an opportunity for state lawmakers both to witness the breadth of important research being conducted at the Kansas Regents’ Universities and to understand the importance of such research to the well-being of the State.

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