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Department of Chemistry

Graduate Students

Class of Fall 2021

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Munoz GroupSues Group Jun Li Group

Aakeroy Group 


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Rafferty Group Jun Li GroupAikens Group   

Gadzikwa Group


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Munoz Group  


Class of Spring 2021

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Higgins GroupPing Li Group   Smith Group  Jun Li Group
Culbertson Group Gadzikwa Group Sues Group  


Class of Fall 2019

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Hua Group Munoz GroupPing Li Group   

Gadzikwa Group 

Jun Li GroupHiggins GroupSues Group 

Rafferty Group



Sues Group Aikens Group Ping Li Group




Class of Fall 2018

 Viraj Sumia Asantha Shana
Aakeroy Group  Rafferty Group

Aikens Group


 Farhat Abby Ivina Raul
Smith Group
Culbertson Group   
Rafferty GroupJun Li GroupHiggins GroupAakeroy Group
Shinblank blank blank
Aakeroy Group  

 Class of Fall 2017

Olivia HullZhen Liublankblank
Aikens GroupAikens Group