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Chemistry Storeroom

Welcome to the webpage for the Chemistry Storeroom.  The Chemistry Storeroom is located in King Hall, Rm 2.  The Storeroom provides support to the Department of Chemistry's teaching and research labs.  It is also available to students and researchers from all University Departments.  Non-Chemistry Department purchases must be made using an Interdepartmental Purchase Requisition or Department Purchase Order.  Cash or Credit Cards are not accepted for payment.  Customers are asked to email their department's requisition or P.O. to: bbath@ksu.edu, along with a list of items wanted.  The Storeroom will email the customer back when the order is ready for pick up.

Normal Hours

Monday - Friday  8:00am - 11:45am, 1:00pm - 4:45pm

Standard hours with the following exceptions:

The Storeroom will close at 3:30pm on Friday, September 30rd.

Dry Ice

Dry Ice in available in the Storeroom for $1.25 per pound.  Please bring your own container for transport (i.e. cooler or styrofoam box).  Our ice delivery comes on Wednesdays, it rarely happens, but we may run out Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday mornings.  Please call and check availability.  We try to limit everyone to 10 pounds per request. If you foresee the need for a large quantity, please call the Tuesday before you need it. We will try to make arrangements with our supplier for the extra amount.

Product Listings

Below are  the chemicals and other chemistry related product lists that the storeroom sells. These prices and availability may change periodically.  Please call if you have any questions.

Due to a computer system changeover, the prices may not be up to date.  Please call for current pricing.


General Lab Use Items


Storeroom: 785.532.6679, if no answer, please call 785-532-6665 or 785-532-6676

Email for all special orders or inquiries: orders@ksu.edu


Storeroom Personnel

Bart Bath