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Department of Chemistry

Bruker WB 600MHz NMR-MRI

For liquid NMR and microimaging experiments.

topspin   paravision





 The Bruker WB is a convertible system:

1) liquid NMR equipped with a SmartProbeTM for excellent proton sensitivity and high X-nuclei sensitivity. One and two-dimensional high resolution experiments are carried out using TopSpin.

2) microimaging for small animal and samples up to 30mm in size. Four RF inserts are available for a variety of imaging experiments, whole body and surface imaging. An animal physiological monitoring and gating system permits monitoring temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate of the animal during experiment; as well as gating using the monitored signals.

The Bruker 600MHz widebore NMR instrument was installed in December 2014.

magnet placementinstall WBcharge magnet