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Department of Chemistry

Varian 400MHz NMR


The Varian Mercury 400MHz system is configured with a two-channel detection system, pulse field gradients and variable temperature control.

The instrument is devoted to structural characterization of organic and inorganic molecules, and to the study of chemical reactions and chemical interactions between molecules. 




Four probes are available for the detection of a number of NMR active nuclei as well as homo- and heteronuclear NMR experiments.

  • 5mm [1H/13C/15N/31P] indirect detection probe
  • 5mm 40-162/400MHz auto switchable probe [4-Nuc 1H/19F/13C/31P]
  • 5mm 40-162/400MHz switchable probe
  • 10mm 103Rh-31P{1H-19F} broad band probe