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Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry
Kansas State University 
213 CBC Building
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Manhattan, KS 66506-0401

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August 15-17, 2019
Kansas State University - Manhattan, KS

The Organizing Committee of the Designing Molecules Workshop and Conference - 2019 cordially invites you to join us at our upcoming meeting, which will be held August 15–17, 2019 at the Department of Chemistry, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.  This workshop and conference are sponsored by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) United States Alumni Association Seminar Program and the Departments of Chemistry and Grain Science, Kansas State University. 

The goals are to present and exhibit current research on nanoparticles and their applications, drug discovery and chemical synthesis, and biopolymers and macromolecules, and to establish new collaborations.  The meeting will also include information on various JSPS programs such as International Fellowships for Research in Japan and Postdoctoral and Visiting Professor Scholarships.  The forum is for students, postdoctoral fellows, and new and established scientists to exchange ideas through oral and poster presentations.  

All oral and poster sessions will occur on August 16. A reception will be held at the International Grain Program Conference Center on the evening of August 15 and an excursion to the Konza Prairie will occur in the morning on August 17.  The meeting is free of charge for all participants, including the aforementioned programs.  Limited funds are available if needed for preparation of posters. Please kindly send titles and short abstracts for your oral or poster presentations and requests for funding of poster preparation to Prof. Duy H. Hua (duy@ksu.edu). Your participation and contributions are important for the success of this seminar program and is much appreciated.