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Undergraduate Research


Meg Fasulo (center), a Senior in the Department
of Chemistry, won first prize for the best
presentation by an undergraduate student at
the recent 2006 ACA Meeting. The title of her
presentation was "The Good, the Bad, and the
Ugly: Balancing Interactions that Drive the
Formation of Co-Crystals".

We strive to give all our undergraduate chemistry students the opportunity to participate in ongoing research projects, giving them tangible advantages when seeking employment and post-graduate careers. Students who participate in undergraduate research work closely with K-State chemistry professors and internationally known scientists. Many are given opportunities to present their work at meetings and conferences, affording additional opportunities for networking and interacting with other scientists.

All undergraduates in our B.S. in Chemistry program (which is certified by the American Chemical Society) complete a Senior thesis project for two credit hours; in addition to performing the actual research, students share their results informally at group meetings, and deliver both a written and oral presentation summarizing the work. Many students enrolled in our B.S. in Chemical Science program also participate in research with faculty mentors.