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Department of Chemistry

Department Leadership

 Head of the DepartmentAssociate Head of the Department 
 Professor Dan HigginsProfessor Paul Smith 

 Executive Committee

Analytical RepresentativeInorganic RepresentativeOrganic RepresentativePhysical Representative
Professor Jun LiProfessor Christer AakeroyProfessor Stefan BossmannProfessor Paul Smith

Graduate Committee's

 Graduate Recruiting ChairGraduate Program Chair  
  Professor Christer AakeroyProfessor Paul Smith  

 Undergraduate Student Advising

Lead Advisor----------------------------  Other Departmental Advisors  ----------------------------
Dr. Boris AverkievProfessor Christer AakeroyProfessor Christine AikensProfessor Ryan Rafferty

 Undergraduate Coordinator

Undergraduate Program ChairStudent Learning & Outcome ChairDirector of Undergraduate Laboratories  Director of Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratories
Yasmin PatellYasmin PatellMichael Hinton Abhi Sinha 

 Specific Committee Chairs

NMR User Committee Safety Committee Chair Seminar CoordinatorUniversity Open House Chair
Professor Stefan Bossmann  Professor Viktor ChikanProfessor Takashi Ito Professor Tendai Gadzikwa 

Student Organization Chairs

PLU CouncilorAXE AdvisorACS Student Chapter Advisor
 Professor Christine AikensProfessor Tendai Gadzikwa Professor Ryan Rafferty