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The Department

One of the best ways to get to know our department is to speak to the people who make up KSU Chemistry. Here are a few views from some of our students and graduate students.

maggiI personally chose and enjoy the Chemistry Program of Kansas State University because of the willingness and joyfulness that the departmental faculty and staff show when accommodating to educational needs. As a junior with dual majors in areas as varied as possible (Chemistry and English), it became inevitable for me to forfeit the full-blown Chemistry program until I have completed my B.A. in English. I neither wanted to leave chemistry behind in any way nor did I want to settle for the "what-do-I-do-with-this" chemistry minor; therefore I was introduced to the Chemical Science Program, an in-betweenie-weenie, you might say. I was unable to find any legitimate program comparable to this anywhere in the Midwest. With this blessed program, I am able to balance and concentrate many areas: my teaching certification, my Bachelor's in English, and my goals as a Chemistry student.

-Maggi McKibben (USA)

dambalWhen I visited the Web Page of the Chemistry Department of KSU while doing research at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan), the research activities, well-equipped laboratories, peaceful environment and academic excellences motivated me to join the Chemistry Department.

Because of the friendly and cooperative staff and professors, my keen academic enthusiasm and motivated dreams are really flourishing here. In fact, the Chemistry Department of KSU is the Department wherein your diligence and intelligence will precisely be guided to build a “Bright Scientific Career".

-Dambar Hamal (Nepal)

townsendI chose Kansas State University for my higher education for many reasons. Firstly, I am a foreign student from England and the experience of coming to America for my PhD was very appealing to me as I wished to experience the culture and get to know new and interesting people. The set up for the PhD program at KSU was also a motivating factor for me to come here. It is of high quality, not only in teaching, but also for scientific equipment and the wide-ranging research. My interactions with the staff before coming to KSU was very positive and I am glad to say that experience has remained so since coming here. All the staff are friendly, helpful and go out of their way to ensure the well being of the students both at Ph.D. and undergraduate levels. All in all, I believe that KSU has a busy and welcoming chemistry department that is well suited to the diverse nature of the students who live and work here.

-Jamie Townsend, (England)