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A Trifecta of Water-Planning Tools

The largest single water user in the Kansas economy is irrigation, which in western Kansas is primarily provided by the Ogallala Aquifer. 

Center Pivot

Research at Kansas State University found that as much as 69 percent of the Ogallala would be depleted in the next 50 years.

In eastern Kansas, various sedimentation issues are affecting many of the reservoirs that serve both public water supplies and crop irrigation. Some of those reservoirs are direct diversions from rivers administered by the Division of Water Resources, which means irrigators in eastern Kansas at times face unanticipated water limitations.

For irrigators who are challenged with water availability, K-State Research and Extension's Mobile Irrigation Lab offers free online and downloadable tools to help make the most of water resources.

Crop Water Allocator, a tool used to plan optimum crop mixes for the next growing season; the
Crop Yield Predictor, a tool used to predict yield, based on the amount of water and timing of irrigation within a specific season; and
KanSched, an evapotranspiration, or ET-based scheduling tool used within a season to maintain acceptable levels of irrigation in fields.


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Kansas Farm Management Association

The Kansas Farm Management Association (KFMA) program provides members with information about business and family costs to improve farm business organization, farm business decisions, and farm profitability and minimization of risk.