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Grand Challenges

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Grand Challenges: Water

To ensure future generations of Kansans have a reliable source of clean water,
K-State Research and Extension partners with state and federal agencies, and other land-grant universities to prolong the life of the Ogallala Aquifer and limit sedimentation into reservoirs used for drinking water.

Homeowners benefit from horticultural research that enhances the value of their property and conserves natural resources by planting trees, shrubs, and flowers suited to the Kansas climate. 


Results Are in the Numbers

2016 Water stats

What We Are Doing

Breeding new drought-tolerant crop varieties that can be used for human and pet food, livestock feed, and fuel.

Developing more efficient irrigation and water-monitoring systems for home and farm use.

Reducing runoff and sedimentation into reservoirs

Improving livestock genetics to increase feeding efficiency, which reduces feed and water needs.

Working with the State of Kansas and partnering with stakeholders to develop a new 50-year water plan.