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CECD sponsors engagement incentive grants, helps Kansans

K-State Engagement E-News, September 2008 (PDF)

by Jenny Barnes

Each semester CECD sponsors engagement incentive grants. "These incentive grants are intended to increase collaborations between the K-State campus and communities on public issues of need around Kansas and throughout the world," said David Procter, center director. Incentive grants can serve as a stimulus that moves a great idea to action. In spring 2008, four proposals received funding. A summary of each project is listed below.

Technology Enhanced Collaboration - Schools and Teachers Engaged in Professional Development (TEC-STEP)

The project will evaluate the design, delivery and evaluation of an on-line model of professional development for K-12 schools in rural Kansas. Kansas State University and the partner school communities will engage in a collaborative effort to develop and test a new instructional approach.

Principle Investigator: Tim Frey

Transportation Network Development: Leaping the Hurdles for Local Food Markets

This project will address transportation for local food distribution. It will identify opportunities to increase local food sales through efficient and effective models and processes. It will also quantify current transportation of local foods and identify gaps and opportunities.

Principle Investigator: Vincent Amanor-Boadu

Matchmaking Made Easy: Helping Jobs, Young Workers, and Trainers Find Each Other

The project is designed to bring together postsecondary educators, trainers, high school counselors, parents and employers in a pilot program to improve postsecondary choices for high school graduates and adult workers. A central goal for this project is to identify and remove real or imagined barriers that prevent individual graduates from finding and entering a suitable educational path.

Principle Investigator: Betty Stevens

Biscuits and Bison: Great Plains Foodways Connection Project

The project will develop the framework for a statewide organization to host events, develop archives, generate publications and sponsor research by Kansas State University students and faculty. Through research and education, this project will celebrate the state's food heritage and its contributions to the American culinary tapestry.

Principle Investigators: Jane Marshall and Deb Canter

Applications for the fall 2008 round of Engagement Incentive Grants are due by 5 p.m. November 3. For more information, please contact the Center for Engagement and Community Development at (785) 532-6868 or by visiting www.k-state.edu/cecd.