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Celebrating engaged work at Kansas State

K-State Engagement E-News, September 2008 (PDF)

by Jenny Barnes

CECD Director, David Procter (left), looks on as Provost Nellis delivers remarks at the celebration.

CECD Director, David Procter (left), looks on as Provost Nellis delivers remarks at the celebration.

The Center was a full house on September 11, when more than 50 people stopped by to participate in the "Celebrating KSU Engagement 2008-2009 Kick-Off Event."

The purpose of the event was to showcase all of the great things that the people of Kansas State have been able to accomplish with grant monies from CECD. Provost Nellis and Daryl Buchholz, Associate Director for Extension and Applied Research were both in attendance to recognize the work being done.

Nellis said, "If we are going to move KSU forward as a premiere land grant institution, engagement needs to be a top priority."

CECD was able to showcase the work that has been done towards that as 21 projects were represented at the celebration. They ranged from earlier projects started in 2006 when the center first opened, to projects recently awarded grants in 2008. Projects include everything from Greensburg rebuilding to obesity prevention in communities.

Through engagement, CECD is able to bring together different parts of the university such as arts and sciences with the department of agriculture, which might not otherwise happen.

There are also 260 extension agents working all over Kansas that prolong the impact of the work being done. Dan Kahl, the Center's extension liaison, noted the importance of linking projects with those agents to create lasting affects.

Daryl Buchholz said, "Engagement is one element that makes extension successful. Knowledge, the ability to engage people in learning, and the emotional connection is what engagement is all about."

Although attendees agreed that CECD has done a lot for engaged work at Kansas State University, people are confident that the work will not stop here.

Buchholz said, "We are still just at the tip of what we are capable of accomplishing here."

Each semester, CECD sponsors 4-5 projects through grants. These grants are usually what make it possible for great ideas to become actions. For a complete list of the CECD grants awarded in spring 2008, see CECD sponsors engagement incentive grants, helps Kansans.