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Center for Engagement and Community Development

News Features

CECD Organizes Greensburg Disaster Response

K-State Engagement E-News, September 2007 (PDF)

Greensburg assistance

About 40 people from different colleges, academic departments, and organizations met with K-State's Center for Engagement and Community Development for a conference call with various people involved with the Greensburg community on Aug. 22. The meeting explored K-State's response to Greensburg and the resources available at K-State to assist Greensburg's rebuilding efforts.

"I think we heard a really strong interest in convening a K-State group who will continue helping," said Dan Kahl, extension liaison for CECD.

Greensburg assistance

This meeting came after a trip to Greensburg on Aug. 2 by David Procter, director of the Center for Engagement and Community Development and Kahl to talk with residents in regard to K-State's assistance in rebuilding.

"The center's philosophy is to help meet community needs, which includes connecting K-State's resources with those needs," Procter said.

Since the August meeting with CECD, K-State faculty and staff have started a community media project, a business incubation project, and a class project with civil engineering. In addition, faculty from the College of Architecture, Planning and Design are assisting Greensburg in community design and working with a home construction company to assist in designing "green" homes for Greensburg residents. Kansas Campus Compact is also organizing an alternative fall break for students interested in volunteering to assist Greensburg.

"I think our August meeting illustrates the very real concern and interest K-Staters have in responding to all kinds of disasters and especially the tornado disaster in Greensburg," Procter said.