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ICDD YouTube initiative recieves positive feedback, recognition

K-State Engagement E-News, October 2007 (PDF)

by Stephanie Faulk

The Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy is using modern media to bring public dialogue to a new level. Their new YouTube initiative shows an international audience how K-State students feel about their community, their nation, and their world.

"You couldn't pick a better medium to use," ICDD graduate research assistant Kara Dillard said. "It's quick, it's interactive, and students love to have a forum to voice their opinions."

The ICDD YouTube account strives to get students talking about issues that are important to them — higher education, health care, budget deficits, mental illness, and more. It does not push a specific agenda, but rather gives students a means to voice their opinions, discuss ideas with others, and reach a new level of understanding.

"ICDD exists to promote civic dialogue and discussion," Dillard said. "And YouTube is just another way we can show students that discussion and deliberation can happen in all realms of life, not just the classroom."

For more information, see www.youtube.com/icddlive