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Center for Engagement and Community Development

News Features

Center Strives to Connect Community and Campus Through Service

K-State Engagement E-News, May 2009 (PDF)

by Jenny Barnes

Volunteers participate in an event hosted by the center.

Volunteers participate in an event hosted by the center.

There was a need in Manhattan to promote civic learning and service to both the campus and the community. In July 2007, the K-State Volunteer Center of Manhattan was established to do just that.

The Volunteer Center helps engage people in meaningful volunteer and service opportunities. They have a national online database through www.1800volunteer.org, which allows people to post volunteer opportunities.

Kim Frazier, Assistant Coordinator of the Volunteer Center, said, "The Web site is a great free service that we provide to people to help get the word out for volunteering; it's a great marketing tool for any organization."

They also have a listserv that sends out Weekly Wednesday volunteer opportunities.

Other projects the Volunteer Center works on include: Academic Mentoring, Volunteer Management Support and Training, Community Service Week and the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. They collaborate with many community and campus organizations to help make these events successful.

The center also hosts an annual campus-community volunteer recognition event that celebrates volunteerism and service within the Manhattan community with "Inspire by Example" awards. More than 100 people attended the last event.

Frazier said, "We are still trying to get our bearings about us and get ourselves established, but I think weare moving forward in a great direction."