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Center for Engagement and Community Development

News Features

A Message on Service Learning from Dave Procter, Director of K-State's Center for Engagement and Community Development

K-State Engagement E-News, May 2009 (PDF)

CECD director David Procter

CECD director David Procter

The mission of the Center for Engagement and Community Development is to promote engagement across the breadth of our campus- in teaching, research and outreach.

In past newsletter issues, we have featured wonderful engaged research, creative endeavors and outreach. In this newsletter issue, we highlight examples of engaged teaching at K-State, also known as service learning.

Service learning is based on an educational philosophy that integrates community service with academic study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities. The result of this teaching strategy can be a radically effective transformative method of teaching students. Community members, students and educators are discovering that service-learning offers all its participants a chance to take part in the active education of its youth, while simultaneously addressing the concerns, needs and hopes of their community.

We hope you enjoy the examples of service learning at Kansas State University highlighted in this issue of our CECD newsletter.

Note: The CECD newsletter will resume publication in the fall. Have a great summer!