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Center for Engagement and Community Development

News Features

Engagement Through K-State Research and Extension

K-State Engagement E-News, March 2010 (PDF)

This edition of the newsletter will focus on the engaged work of Kansas State University through the K-State Research and Extension system. As a land-grant university, K-State has a state-wide system through which applied research, teaching and service meet the citizenry of the state. The Center for Engagement and Community Development works to be the catalyst, connector and promoter of efforts engaging both university and extension on projects which address public needs concerning citizens, businesses and communities.

At the heart of K-State engagement, you will find two common threads- our commitment to creating partnerships of mutual learning and respect, and to facilitating knowledge creation between citizens and researchers toward the resolution of complex issues.

In this issue of K-State's Engagement E-News, you will find examples of collaborative, engaged work that contribute to healthy, sustainable communities. We have highlighted four stories that reflect collaborative efforts to strengthen social, human, cultural, political and economic aspects of community.

To see more examples of engaged work and to learn more about the K-State Center for Engagement and Community Development, visit www.k-state.edu/cecd. To learn more about the work and programs of K-State Research and Extension, visit www.ksre.k-state.edu.